Your Guide to Finding the Right Tankless Water Heater

Hot water is of great use for daily consumption and to water yourself, especially in a place wherein the temperature is very low, like Canada. Most people address these concerns using a tankless water heater in Calgary, used during the winter season and for other significant purposes at home. It is important then to choose the right tankless water heater. This handy guide will help you choose the right and the best one as it highlights significant features you need to consider. 

Factors to Consider For the Right Tankless Water Heater in Calgary

Determine How Much Hot Water You Will Need

Estimate the quantity of hot water your home needs, especially during peak hours. Showers, washing machines, sinks, hot drinks for meals, and baby utensils all demand hot water. The type of tankless water heater in Calgary depends on how many people would use it at once at any hour of the day, how many fixtures and utensils are in need and its combined flow rate. For example, if you have family members of five people and use hot water for two showers in the morning and one load of laundry each day. Find out the flow rate of your laundry and showers combined for you to know the peak of hot water being demanded.

For Indoor or Outdoor Purposes

Another factor you need to consider is whether you will use tankless hot water indoors or for outdoor purposes. One of the distinct qualities of a tankless water heater is that you can mount them outside the house. The benefit of mounting an outdoor one is that you don’t need to set up a vent system or drain like what you are setting up indoors. But if the temperature outside your house is too low, the added costs to heat water would surpass these benefits. On the other side, an indoor model is needed if you live in a place where the temperature is relatively cold, like the winter season, when the temperatures reach their freezing point.

How Much BTU & GPM Do You Need?

Two components play into your hot water flow rate: the GPM and BTU. Gallons per minute or GPM is the volume of hot water produced by the water heater. You will need a higher flow rate in the GPM of your water heater if your house has a high demand for hot water. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, which is a measurement ability of a tankless water heater to heat water. The BTU amount required to meet your home’s gallons per minute requirement is measured by the water temperature going into your house, and the peak of hot water demanded in GPM. More energy is needed to get the desired water temperature, especially if the groundwater is colder.

Choose the Right Type of Tankless Water Heater

There are three types of tankless water heaters:¬†natural gas, propane, and electric. The right option depends on how you will be using it. For most households, the best choice is propane-powered units or natural gas, which are more powerful than the electric type. Gas is also cheaper than electricity, and you already have a gas line installed in your home. For those houses who don’t have access to natural gas lines, propane-powered type is the best choice for them. Some manufacturers use electric type, but again, in the long run, you will end up costing more, and that’s why natural gas and propane are the right and best options for household consumption.

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