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Whether you need commercial boiler repair to residential plumbing services for hundreds of units in newly built apartment complexes, we take our work seriously and get the job done to a standard exceeding your expectations. Sophisticated expertise doesn’t come easy, but we’re working hard each day to offer plumbing and heating service you can count on for the long run. Property owners and residential homeowners alike can rely on us for anything. Whether for furnace servicing, in-floor heating, to tankless water heaters, we can even provide you with a skilled gas fitter. We evolve with the challenges in front of us to make commercial plumbing in Calgary accessible, dependable, and completely reliable.

Residential & Commercial
Plumbing & Heating Services

Poly B Pipe Replacement

Poly B

When you sell or purchase a home, home inspectors examine the structure of your home's Poly B water pipes, which have been known to deteriorate over time the longer you reside there. We offer replacements you can count on for decades, saving you expensive renovation and repair calls.
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Tankless Water Heater Calgary

Water Heaters &
Hot Water Tanks

Water heaters, whether traditional tank models or sophisticated tankless options are a notable specialty of ours. We’re here to help you get your hot water running better than ever before, with a keen eye for efficiency and safety.
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Natural gas is a resource we use daily & everywhere. Equipped with high-quality equipment & skilled gas fitters, our gas fitters can install, maintain, & repair natural gas equipment, fixtures, & appliances for residential & commercial areas.
Boiler Repair Calgary

Boiler Repair
& Installation

Commercial boilers aren’t your average water heaters, and they demand experience and advanced certification. Make the right choice and call us for these high-pressure, high-risk, and high reward hot water systems. Our expertise is in sophisticated boiler repair and installation so you can rest easy that your building is safe and well supplied.
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Radiant Floor Heating Calgary

In-Floor Radiant

In some cases, in-floor radiant heating can outperform traditional HVAC systems. This heating method leverages the tremendous heat capacity of water, for lasting warmth in houses that can get way too drafty, right where you need it. Moreover, it can be combined with HVAC to produce the warmest house or commercial property you can imagine.
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Poly B Replacement Calgary

Plumbing Repairs
& Maintenance

Repairs are a fact of life that many dread, but with the right plumber, your heating and plumbing maintenance is something to set and forget. Repairs from some of the best installers in the business are all you’ll need to keep your water, wastewater, gas utilities, furnaces, and more running in peak condition.

Advanced Plumbing For Advanced Industries

Condo Complexes
Shopping Malls
Car Washes
Renovation Companies
Construction Contractors
Manufacturing Facilities
Office Complexes
Educational Facilities
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We’re Evolving the Commercial Plumbing Industry in Calgary

Our commercial plumbing and heating company in Calgary is committed to providing the best quality service to our portfolio of commercial clients. Supporting Calgary businesses is what we do best, and we’re evolving the industry with a repair-first, replace-second mindset. We keep up to date on the cutting edge of the plumbing and heating industry, and it shows in the way we do business as well as the work itself.

Highly Skilled

To reach the heights we’ve reached, we’ve plumbed the depths for years, learning all there is to know about commercial plumbing. Trust our expertise.


Evolution means seeking the next best thing in commercial plumbing and making that our signature method. We live on the cutting edge for your peace of mind.


There’re always constraints on your time, and you really just want plumbing issues solved efficiently and competently. We’re here to help you forget you had a problem.


When we make a decision on the best course of action for a repair, installation, or upgrade, we’re decisive and analytical; we look for underlying problems and get the job done.


When we take care of your plumbing and heating, we look at it from multiple angles, so that you won’t need a callback until the recommended interval.


We understand the benefits of being good at everything, as all-around plumbers. Best practices we learned in one area optimizes our approach and excellence in another.

Highly Skilled
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Peace of mind should be the lasting benefit you feel after choosing commercial plumbing services. We’ve taken that and made it our most evolved process, and the ultimate satisfaction you’ll feel with Evolution Plumbing is a deliberate outcome of ours. For our sophisticated approach and zero shortcut mentality, we’re your expert workhorses.

Calgary is known for snap freezes after balmy chinooks, so your home or business’s heating and plumbing has to be adaptable enough to weather the changes. For that reason you’ll want the best materials in your water lines able to withstand any deficiencies in your insulation. If you’re away and you’ve set your furnace down low, you may want to ensure that your hot water tank and water lines are capable of withstanding the temperature fluctuations. We often recommend PEX piping to replace older, more brittle piping that’s so sensitive to rapid thaw and freezes that this city is subject to.

While it’s hard to say whether HVAC should be replaced there are certainly a lot of reasons to turn to in-floor radiant heating instead of traditional forced-air furnaces. Winters can get really cold and they demand efficiency, especially as energy costs rise. Water-based radiant heating is efficient because water traps and retains heat much much better than air. Furnaces might be cheaper, but if you’ve found your forever home, you’ll probably want to maximize its comfort. In our experience, if you make the switch you might be delighted you did.